With a tag line of “Unleash Your Inner Wino”, you know you’re in for a super chill evening when you sign up for a Veraison Wine Event Party Pour. It’s wine tasting with a punk rock vibe.

verasionlogoI recently hosted a Party Pour at my house as an excuse to get a group of women that I love together. Veraison Co-Founder Courtney shared her expertise and we ended the evening a little wiser about what you actually can learn from a wine label (besides if the graphics catch your eye),  the proper use of a spit cup, and how to work a winery tasting tour without ending up wasted. She also made me feel less embarrassed that I find a wine key a difficult tool to use. All vital, vital information for real life.

Maybe you’ve got to host your book club, or maybe you’re over the Tupperware/Pampered Chef/Cabi Clothes scene and you’d like to just have your friends over and drink. Call it a Party Pour and you feel like it’s a legit. Plus you’ll come away with useful info. Plus plus Courtney’s a great addition to any party.

There’s also a monthly wine club with some very hip pick up events or they’ll just help you pick up some great wine. Hit up their newly redesigned and very sleek website at Veraison Wine Events and get all the details.