1) JVN – My Number One, Top of My List, favorite conversation topic is JVN, or Jonathon Van Ness, for the uninitiated, he’s the groomer on the rebooted Queer Eye series on Netflix, host of the Getting Curious podcast and all around extraordinary human being.

I quote freely from his podcast constantly. I scroll through his IG feed like a fangirl, because I am a fangirl. Whether he’s meeting a childhood idol or scolding a troll, I am here for all of it.

There is a freedom about him, a full embracing of the expression of every facet of his damn near perfect gem of a personality, that hypnotizes me like a cartoon mouse/snake situation.

Because I want that. That self possession is intoxicating.

He’s also really fucking smart. On the podcast, he litters his conversations with a cooed cuuuuuteor a declaration of gorgeousness. So, you’re lulled into thinking he’s shallow and then he whips out some observation about the shit show in the Middle East that has his expert guest in vigorous agreement and I’m sitting there, like, “Sweet Jesus, is it fair he has all the gifts?”

So, yeah, I recommend tuning into JVN in all his channels and enhancing your life.

2) So, yeah– I want so yeahto be an accepted signoff to the end of any interaction now. It’s versatile. I can see using it at the end of a kid’s school conference or after explaining to your trainer why you didn’t work out for a week or when you’re relating a story to your partner and realize you lost his interest quite a while back or even wrapping up an email. I’d much prefer to see so yeah versus cheers. Unless you’re from the UK, I’m not a fan of cheers.

My daughter and I are taking it for a test drive when we talk to each other. Don’t be surprised if we cross paths and I conclude our interaction with a so, yeah. Evolution of the linguistics and all that.

3)Donald Glover/Childish Gambino – he’s a genius. He’s my kid’s generation’s David Bowie. He is owning all the platforms he’s creating in. I can’t stop talking about his genius and I’m so stoked to see what he does next.

As a family, we’ve been watching the first three seasons of Community, so my kids can get familiar with his early work. Which is genius, too. In case you weren’t sure.

So, yeah.