One of the benefits of driving my kids around all the time is that sometimes we have the most interesting conversations. It’s not something that happens when driving the freshman to school in the morning because it’s at the crack of dawn and at that hour he makes sounds not words. But the sixth grader is a potential goldmine of early morning communal commute pondering.

An example I’ll share today is our recent conversation about the toilet paper holders in bathrooms that have the rolls stacked on top of each other. We observed that it seems like, no matter where you encounter this holder design, the rolls never roll with ease. Whether you find it in an airport, theatre, middle school, gym (we listed many of the places we’ve found this design), it never works right. Layla deftly mimed how you have to inch the paper out sheet by sheet to collect an appropriate amount. We agreed that the top roll never seems to drop down like it’s supposed to so you end up reaching up into the holder and grinding out some tp from a wonkily aligned roll.

We discussed whether it was an inferior design to start with, or if the toilet paper manufacturers make their rolls in different widths so you would have to get the proper roll style in the correct holder. There was no conclusion drawn, just a conversation over a shared frustration that’s pretty unique to women in this society. I’m just going to assume the holders in the men’s rooms have the same defect and it’s not some sexist conspiracy by The Man to make women spend even longer in the bathroom as well as force them to use less paper because we can’t get the damn roll to move. Although, as I type that it doesn’t seem beyond the realm of possibility.

It’s been a long five years for me since I left paid work and the transition has not been easy. But on days when I get to have such random conversations with my kid because I have the head space available for it, I am beyond grateful for the unexpected turn my life took. Even if I still choke when I’m at a social event and someone asks me what I do.

But that is a post for another day.

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  1. I always pepper Taylor with questions in the car so we can get more time to talk on the way to work. 🙂

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