I’ve been scrolling incessantly through my Instagram feed the last couple of days as part of processing my grief over the passing of Prince and I noticed some things that were interesting to me about who I follow and how I feel about them. I decided to share those thoughts here:

The Rock – somehow, someway, and against all odds Insta has made me fall deeply in love with The Rock. I did not see that coming. Part of it is all of the posts about his hustle. I admire the fact he makes his life look like a lot of hard work, it has to be. Those huge muscles do not make themselves. His dedication to his fans – visiting hospitals, greeting people that come down to the shoot – is also admirable. I was donezo after he posted the pic of him and his new daughter though. Forget. It.

Juliette Lewis – I’ve always like Juliette Lewis and her acting work but wow, she’s got some big ass rock star balls. The pics she posts of her performing live are crazy. She is sporting serious strength and gets herself in the wildest positions while singing. I love her enthusiasm for living life and her taste in music. Didn’t know I’d feel that way back when she was dating Brad Pitt.

The Royal Family – I mean the real one here, the British one, not some made up, reality TV based American one or whatever. Anyway, my feed is full of official accounts associated with the Royals. Not just their daily activities but also museums and trusts and places that display royal stuff. I have a deeply held love for the royals and I appreciate all the opportunities to peek at their lives. I’m a voyeur, so what? Aren’t we all at this point?

Advanced Style – I don’t know if this was a blog first or a documentary. I own that I am late to the party on this but I love it. It’s people of a certain age with enviable style. Like, seriously enviable, none of that “isn’t that great she still keeps herself up” condescending shit, these folks are so much more stylish than I will ever be. I find it inspiring as hell to find a site that’s documenting that fact that with aging come choices. You can opt to dress like everyone’s idea of a grannie, or you can do you. Isn’t doing you the best option in every case?

It’s worth the space in your feed to follow these if you aren’t already. What’s your favorite Insta account that surprised you?