The Open House at my son’s high school was last night. He’s a freshman, it was our first high school open house, I didn’t know what to expect during the event.

I do know I expected better attendance.

During the event, we parents mobbed around, looking lost, staring at our maps and schedules, following our kid’s daily routine. That part was amusing because we all looked like scared freshmen. It’s a good reminder of how shit some parts of high school can be. There was ice cream, so that was nice.

news19If you skipped out on the open house at your kid’s school, or you’re thinking about blowing it off, I would like to strongly encourage you to rethink that going forward. In one of the classes I visited, there were only two other parents. The largest class had eight parents out of almost thirty kids and the teacher was excited about the great turnout. How is your kid going to take their education seriously if you don’t?

It’s not a super fun evening. I get that. Maybe you have soccer practice or whatever. I have news though, your kid isn’t going to college on a soccer scholarship, but maybe they could get an academic scholarship. Long game people, invest in the long game. Meeting the teachers and making that IRL connection goes a long way. You open up a line of communication simply by greeting the teacher. Now you’re both more invested in little Johnny or Jane succeeding. And when your kid complains about a teacher, you’ve met them, you’ve shaken their hand, so you can get a pretty good idea if your little angel is blowing things out of proportion or not.

I don’t want to preach here. Just show up. So much of life really is about that. Model that for your young.