Everything is getting a reboot now – I started to do a list but it quickly got out of control and I couldn’t even narrow it down. I do say that many of them are unnecessary.

*cough cough* Murphy Brown*cough cough*

But there is one reboot I have dreamt of forever and, with all the different streaming platforms creating their own content, I believe now is the time for The Love Boat to start sailing those sexy international waters once again. I have such distinct memories of trying to stay awake to watch it on Saturday nights when I was little and then later watching the reruns during summer breaks. And let’s be real, all that innuendo flew right over my head for years. Pretty racy stuff, Aaron Spelling.

With all these warm fuzzy feelings towards the show fluttering in my belly, and strong desire to see it updated and reissued, I present my preferred cast –

Captain Stubing – Right out of the gate I’m conflicted. My very first choice is Donald Glover but he’s so busy being a genius right now, I don’t know that he’s going to have the time. The fact remains that watching DG preside over dinner at the Captain’s table while some subterfuge or miscommunication is bubbling just below the surface would be epic, it’s also so unlikely.

I do have another first choice and I think it’s more likely. I mean, he’s busy, but not being a genius – no offense. It’s Chris Pine. Especially if he could bring the flavor of the Prince from Into the Woodsto the character. A vapid Captain would make me so happy. And he’d look pretty amazing in his dress whites.

Doc – Hands down, John Cho. I want this character to remain an unrepentant flirt and I want John Cho to bring all of his eyebrow power to Doc Bricker. Whether Doc actually closes the deal is less important to me than his mission to make all the women in his space feel special. As a side note, I would kind of love it if he was a hypochondriac.

Julie McCoy, Cruise Director – Zoe Kravitz. No contest. Would I tune in to watch this languid beauty entrance those aboard ship every week? Solid yes. It’s also far more believable that passengers would fall in love with her on first sight versus with that happened to the original Julie. For real. Plus, she possesses solid comedy chops that are not to be underestimated.

Isaac the Bartender – Aziz Ansari needs to be behind the bar when it next sets sail. It’s believable that people would pour out their hearts while he mixes up a refreshing beverage. I like to listen to him talk fast.

In the alternative I’d take Billy Eichner. That would be fun.

Chief Purser Smith aka Gopher – Anna Faris. Her goofiness is stellar and her physical comedy is on point. Might have to change her nickname to Bunny or something.

With that solid cast you might wonder how the guest stars could make it better but imagine the possibilities? There are so many celebs from the 70’s to now – I mean, an episode that featured 90210 alums alone would have me setting my DVR. Donny & Marie? Living Single? The Cosby Show (not Bill obviously) (also Lisa Bonet and Zoe could play mother/daughter and that would be sweet) – not to mention rolling in all the alums of various Disney channel shows and all the previous guest stars who are still kicking – you would never run out of talent to feature. Something for everyone.

Just sayin’ this idea and cast are amaze and it needs to be executed ASAP.

And you will thank me.