Good Lord, am I ready for a Keanaissance.

In fact, I recently mentioned to my sister than my dream cable channel would be one, very much like The Hallmark Channel but that only played rom coms starring Keanu Reeves. And I don’t mean just the movies that he’s already made, I mean new ones. Churned out exactly like The Hallmark Channel does it.

Like with minimal budgets, all shot in Vancouver, BC, simple stories, he can wear the same clothes in multiple movies, I don’t really care.

I want different love interests. If there’s especially good chemistry, there’s an option of additional movies together – the Hallmark casting directors have that on lock. I want him to have different professions – architect, actor, sculptor, farmer, vineyard owner – all of it. He can have various life situations – divorced, widowed with kids, widowed without kids, never married, surprise dad – whatever.

I want 24 hour access to Keanu looking delighted, sad, mad, searching, confused, touched, laughing, with a very special place in my heart for Surprised Keanu. I don’t just want this, with the state of the world, I need this.

Then I see that my demographic finally has some Hollywood pull because Keanu does have a rom com coming out. With Winona Freakin’ Ryder. I could not be more delighted.

To that news I say “more, more, more”. And sign me up in advance for the Keanu Channel. I’ll be the first subscriber.

Did I use this post as an excuse to scroll through an excessive number of Keanu images? Obviously.