I don’t know if it’s the change in the weather or the fact we’re on the march to the end of the school year, but everyone in my family seems to have misplaced their memory and it’s driving me nuts. I’m including myself in this statement.

I forgot” seems to be the daily mantra of all of us.

As a group we’ve forgotten: permission slips, being out of lunch money, trumpet, school iPad, mailing bills, picking up a kid from school, closing garage doors at night, deadlines, birthdays, to turn off the stove, and several more things that I forget right now, all in the last two weeks. It’s nuts.

In general we have fairly decent memories. Well, I’m going to exempt my husband from that statement but the kids and I have developed methods to compensate for most of his absent-mindedness. So, collectively we have decent memories. But we can’t seem to keep our own shit together lately.

Maybe this is a common thing as we trudge toward June; I don’t remember it being quite this bad in the past. Some evenings my kids look like haunted soldiers, preparing to head back into their educational skirmishes. I honestly feel bad for them as their teachers try to pack in everything they’re supposed to teach before time runs out.

I’m so looking forward to summer break when our memory breaks won’t be quite as fraught with consequences – when I won’t have to quiz each kid as we leave the house in the morning “you have your homework? Lunch? Planner? IPad? Phone?”

Wow, I stopped writing there and just staring into space for a while thinking about how great that’s going to be. Remind me of this fantasy when I complain about leaving the house in the summer because I have to say “did you put on sunscreen? Close your window? Do you have a towel? Your phone?” every time we go out the door. Because that is truth.

Yep, somedays it’s that fantasy that keeps me going.