I feel like an ass saying this, but I’m compelled to admit it, I’m gluten free.

Why do I feel like an ass? Because I’ve been judging all the dietary obsessives for what feels like years and years. I think it feels like so many years because listening to people go on and on about their diet is so freaking annoying.

I can’t just join them and feel OK about it.

I think about the scads of people I’ve intersected with who are so excited to tell me, and anyone else they can slow down enough for them to speak at, all about how much changing what they are putting in their foodhole has impacted their life in such a dramatic way and everyone should eat the way they are.

It’s also irritating to listen to diners interrogate the waitstaff of every restaurant about the gluten, dairy, carb count, additives, soy content of each item on the menu (if you’re celiac, I’m not talking to you, keep walking). You’re at Red Robin for God’s sake, what were you expecting?

I’ve been bothered for years by the idea that since your diet changed because you made the choice to change it that the entire world now needs to shift to accommodate the way you eat now. I’ve rolled my eyes as I’ve heard the story again and again about how magical it’s been to “clean up your diet” while you list all the items you’re no longer eating. And good for you, if you feel better, but here’s the thing, I noticed that most people go back to their old way of eating less than a year after proclaiming their lives changed.

You know why? Because it’s hard.

And I could go off about how quitting because something that makes you feel better is hard is how we ended up with Trump as the presumptive Republican nominee, but I’m not going down that track right now. Mostly it’s annoying to me because in all honestly, hearing about what someone else isn’t eating isn’t a fascinating conversational topic. To me.

Which brings me to the place where an alternative medicine practitioner did some food sensitivity testing and recommended some adjustments to what I eat. I’m nothing if not a compliant patient, so I gave it a go. For several months I eliminated those things and I’ve slowly started feeling better. It’s clearly an issue with me.

Funny thing is, I feel so much better I want to tell everyone I run across whose having health issues to give it a shot. Therein lies my dilemma. Do I preach the gospel of the newly converted and annoy myself? Or do I keep my mouth shut and allow people to continue to suffer?

I’ve pondered it. I’ve decided to preach. I’m fairly certain I was only crabby about it because the all the gluten was clogging up my compassion channel.